BoxTrax is our online portal to your services and logistic information and gives you the ability to track any shipment information you require, on-demand, and wherever you may be in the world. The online accounts can be customised so they will be more closely aligned with your business requirements.

Using secure connection processes, combined with a proprietary encryption tools, you can be confident that only authorised users will be able to access information about their own consignments.

We pride ourselves on our computerised information system, which enables us to retrieve customs entries and stock reports quickly and efficiently.

  • Detailed consignment information, clearly displayed and relevant to the transport mode
  • Customs information including clearance dates, entry numbers and route
  • Shipping container information including container number, size, type and seal number
  • Delivery details including name and address information and proof of delivery details
  • Warehouse information including date of receipt, supplier details, pieces and weight
  • Milestone events detailing bespoke shipment status messages
  • Job related documents, published documents are available to print/download online (PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, emails, GIFs, JPGs etc.)

Track your consignments : BoxTrax